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This is a collection of tunes that we wrote, played, recorded, and listened to, thinking "Hey, these sound alright". We hope that you also think they sound alright.


released February 16, 2013

Adam - Guitar, bass, vocals
Isaiah - Guitar, bass, vocals
John - Drums, percussion, vocals
Connor - Alto saxophone and one lyric in Palatine (whoever gets it wins a Reese's Stick)

Recorded from Dec 2012 to Jan 2013 in John's Backyard
Engineered/mastered by John Klawitter



all rights reserved


KEENWAH California

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Track Name: We Have It
Just because you said you would,
proves only that I'm feeble minded
Just because I said you could,
proves only that you're just as minded

Walkin' your dog, and smackin' that hog, and turnin' the cogs with a lincoln log
I sleep in the night and I wake in the day, and my head's on straight and my diet's okay
Goin' to work, and twerkin' the jerk, squirtin' a perk, so ya'll don't sherk
I run off to school, and I drive back home, a lawn of flamingos and garden gnomes

Just because you said you would,
proves only that I'm feeble minded
Just because I said you could,
proves only that you're just as minded
Track Name: Abernathy
All us under seams (will be)
Almond butter dreams
All men better think (like me)
All washed down the sink

Abernathy said, that soon they'd have his head,
and all the cash he saved they'd spend on cheerios instead

Abernathy said, the cheerios are fed,
to men in fatsuits and rubber boots that say it's for the best

Abernathy claims, his voice changes by day,
and worse is that he's noticing more scars upon his face

Abernathy claims, his single greatest shame,
can be directly traced to a couple days and an almond butter foray

I guess that I'll give in,
I'll try and think like him,
But sleep bears the saddest truth
Almond butter dreams
Are few and far between
You'll see, Abernathy
You'll see, Abernathy you'll see

It's almost over, head back to bed
But for me, it's just another snag in my head
Oh, you said you wanted out of here
but now we're in the stratosphere
hand in hand we scan the land
for everything we used to fear
I wonder if you really know
the shit you used to put us through
it's alright now, embrace the clouds
and everything that we could do
As the pigeons fly on by
you think of all the ways to die
I try to say that we're okay
but wind is withering my eyes
As the ocean draws in close
I think about the holy ghost
no more sins to diagnose
because for now it's adios
Track Name: Palatine Ice Caverns
Leave your house on a moonlit night, you'll have no need for candle-light
Take the overgrown backwoods trail, supreme good fortune will prevail
Follow five fires in the dark, you will be led to a lakeside park
Sit your ass on a godly swing, and hear your inner voices sing

La, la, la la la
La, la, la la la

Submerge yourself if the black lake cold, and chant ancestral hymns of old
And as your skin grows colder, you'll feel all earthly weights lifted from your shoulders
As your skin begins to crack you'll feel ten thousand burdens lifted from your bare-skinned back
Come through my crystalline door, as many of your species have done before
Join me in my halls of frost, we'll feast until the morning's lost
And convulse to pulsations of the Palatine drum

As we sing to the birth of the rising winter sun